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7D Turbo Ride

Hours Open:
10am – 9:30pm
10am – 9:30pm
10am – 9:30pm
10am – 9:30pm
10am – 9:30pm
10am – 9:30pm
11am – 7:30pm

7D TURBO RIDE is an innovative attraction that offers unique combination of technologies to create ultimate experience, where you would dip in the water, fly in the sky, feel the wind, rain and fog. Along with these breathtaking effects 3D glasses help create real-life experience, high quality sound enhances virtual environment and motion platform fortifies your experience by smoothly riding you. Let’s ride!

  •   High quality wide screen 3D image.
  •   Precise synchronisation of 3D video sequence and the motion platform movements.
  •   5.1 surround sound. Usually, the importance of projection system is overestimated thus less attention is paid to sound quality. We do care about sound. You will be able to watch high definition video and enjoy powerful and clear surround sound.
  •   A set of built-in special effects that include wind, water mist, strobe and bubbles amongst others.
  •   High-quality exclusive content. In our attractions we offer large diversity of content that would be regularly updated to meet demand of any potential customer.
  •   5 and 7 seats option.